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George Herman Lawson

alias : Andy Lawson, Dr. G. H. Lawson, Professor G. H. A. Lawson, George Anderson, Prof. Lawson Hermann, Prof. Hermann Lawson, Rev. George H. Lawson, Sgt. Major George H. Lawson, ???


George H. Lawson, circa 1910

Sgt. Major George H. Lawson, Canadian Royal Engineers, circa 1916

Rev. George H. Lawson, circa 1922

Rev. Lawson, circa 1922

Ex-Klansman G. H. Lawson, a Bible in one hand, a gun in the other, with his discarded white robe in front of him.

Lawson and his "Prayer Bride"

GHL's grave in Newark, NJ. Buried in Soldier's section, but because he never served in U.S. services, no stone was provided.



"When I look into the vastness of space and see the marvelous
workings of its contents... I sometimes think I was born
ten or twenty thousand years ahead of time."


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